• Peanut Butter Bacon GRAIN FREE TREATS


    Your pets will feel extra loved when they taste our homemade grain free PEANUT BUTTER BACON treats. And you'll feel good letting them eat them! Our treats aren't made in a factory, They're baked in our kitchen the minute we receive your order. We use creamy peanut butter, crunchy bacon and cassava flour to create this favorite. The result is a cookie textured treat, easy to crumble if needed and irresistible to your pet! 

    You won't find any preservatives, chemicals or fillers in our treats. Just all natural, healthy good stuff! Once your pet gets a taste you'll see where we get our name! They'll be Barkin' For More.

    Treats come in an air tight reseal-able bag with our label on the front and ingredients on the back. Treats can be stored in the resealable bag, an air tight container, in the refrigerator or frozen